Keynote Speaker


Osvaldo Brogi

Ammiraglio Ispettore Capo, Stato Maggiore della Marina, Capo Ufficio Generale per la Progettazione dei Sistemi Operativi UGEPROGESO

Topic - Modeling of Complex Systems Through in SysML In Italian Navy (ITN)


Jan Vollmar

Siemens AG, Principal Engineer at Corporate Technology, Unit R&D - Siemens AG

Topic - A new approach to master complexity in model driven Systems Engineering


Aurelijus Morkevicius

No Magic Europe, Object Management Group (OMG)

Topic - There’s more than one way to skin a framework

Abstract - Today's architecture modeling environment suffers from being an effort to satisfy milestone decisions. Typically, the architecture effort is separated from the Systems Engineering (SE) leading to a lack of traceability from the systems requirements to the architecture resulting in interoperable systems. Due to the way that the Architecture models are created they generally consist of static diagrams and provide limited analytical support to the decision maker. Applying the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF), previously known as Unified profile for MODAF and DoDAF (UPDM), using a Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach moves the architecture modeling effort to one that is an integral part of SE, helping the systems integrator to develop interoperable systems, with traceability to requirements and across views, using one integrated architecture model that enables impact analysis, gap analysis, trade studies, simulations (what-if scenarios), and engineering analysis. This presentation introduces to the brand new UAF and explores how to leverage MBSE with architecture modeling in an integrated and disciplined approach, enabling the modernization of complex systems (Systems of Systems, C4I systems and heavy industry systems).


John A. Thomas

Founder & Manager of john A thomas & Associates LLC, Past Presdent of INCOSE, Senior Vice President & Chief Systems Engineer of Booz Allen Hamilton

Topic - Critical Skills of the Future Systems Engineer